Yo i had a dream that i was drunk and this girl kissed me and she texted me i think i love you and i woke up. 

I just had a heart to heart talk with my mommeh!

I saw her sleeping at the living room because she has a problem with her husband so i decided, i’m gonna kick it with mom for the rest of the night. I grabbed my futon(?) and sat it at the ground. She noticed me and i was like “i’ma sleep here so i can watch over you!” And then we just talked about how both of us don’t like my dad :) And other things like family, both of us just getting a new job and us moving to the mainland. I told her my dream is to make her dream come true!

Man, i’m gonna make my mom happy one day. I love her like hella. You ain’t gonna see this post but i got you mom! Oh and my sisters too ilove you guys!

My dad is a hater.